Monday, 28 July 2014

Harry Potter Location Tour With Brit Movies

We were invited to join a tour of our choice with britmovietours.comand we chose the Harry Potter tour as Tilly is just about getting into the movies, although we tend to stick to Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone as its less dark than the next few films.

So we made our way to Temple Tube Station and waited by some steps at the Exit of the station. We stood under the sign for Temple street and the lovely guide Caroline came to meet us all. There were tourists of all kinds waiting to take the tour and a few of them (including Tilly) dressed up for the occasion. We were loaded on to a lovely air conditioned bus and as we drove round we were shown the places of interest.

 I dont want to pop photos on of all the tour as i dont want to spoil it for the people thinking of taking a tour with but we have a few to share with you. You also get to watch film clips as you drive about on the bus, so you can compare the film to reality.

The Millenium Bridge is the scene in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince where the Death Eaters attack London. as seen in the Movie Clip below

You get to go to Borough Market where you can find one of the sights of the Leaky Cauldron and also the room that Harry Potter stayed in.

 The real location of the Leaky Cauldron is a bar in everyday life
The Leaky Cauldron in the film, that is next to a third hand book shop, in real life it is the Posh
Burger Boys in real life.

You see many sights of London and the tour lasts 2 and Half hours, finishing in Kings Cross where you get the opportunity to have a photo taken pushing a Trolley into the wall at platform 9 3/4. You do have to queue over an hour to do this but its worth it, its a free attraction and the staff are great
Afterwards you get to go to the Harry Potter shop at platform 9 3/4 and buy your souvenirs. You can buy anything from school uniforms to wands.

The Harry Potter Tour can be booked Here and the tickets cost £26 for adults and £19 for Children under 15. The tour is available Saturday 2pm: (15 Feb – 1 Nov) and Saturday 1pm: (15 Nov – 27 Dec)
Wednesday 2pm: (25 Jun – 27 Aug, 29 Oct, 17 Dec 2014)
Thursday 2pm: (26 Jun – 28 Aug, 30 Oct, 18 Dec 2014)
Just click the button to book the tour. also run many other tours including Downton Abbey , Game Of ThronesDr Who and James Bond. Coming Very soon which i think will interest many young children is the Paddington Bear Film Tour, to coincide with the New Paddington Bear Movie coming out - i am actually looking forward to booking this with Tilly.

We enjoyed the Tour although i missed a little part of the walking tour because Tilly fell asleep on the coach, but it was a part of film scenery i had seen before so i was happy to wait on the coach with the sleeping beauty. There is a bit of getting on and off the coach so if you have mobility problems then you may find this a problem, but i liked getting off the bus as your able to get right up close and personal with the locations. You get 2 and 1/2 hours of the tour with the guide who is full of knowledge and even tells you bits that you never knew before, so i cam away from the tour with loads of new trivia learned. then at the end you need to be prepared to wait for the platform 9 3/4 as it is a popular attraction and there is always a queue. We had a fab afternoon and we got to see many parts of London that we had never been to before. The bus is air conditioned and has seat belts for everyone, so its perfect or a hot day and there are on board toilets. The tour was very well set out and i would recommend it to my friends to do with their children when they go to London

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