Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Im Addicted to Netflix

My son Zach introduced us to Netflix when he took a subscription for £7 a month out, meaning two of us could watch netflix at once. With 4 people in the house, it often got awkward when more than two of us wanted to watch something, but after he moved to Norway we were secretly pleased that there was one less person to share the Netflix with.

Now Netflix has made my life as a parent 100 times easier, instead of having to look for a dvd
I can now offer Tilly a whole tv series to watch. This means i don't have to keep going up to pop a new DVD on for Tilly, she can watch 3 hours of Dora the Explorer until her heart is content. It is so easy in the morning when she gets in bed with me and wakes up early, i just give her my phone or laptop and she sits there watching something until its a reasonable hour to wake up (usually means when it is no longer dark anymore). When we went to Norway to see Zach, we were in a hostel and had free wifi and I was able to use netflix. This was such a saviour, meaning Tilly could watch her films at the airport, the hostel and anywhere we could get wifi.

You start to have palpitations when Netflix has to stop and load, even for a few seconds (it seems like forever) it’s natural to want to freak out. Netflix, what do you think your doing? I pay £7 a month for instant streaming, I don't want any buffering, and pausing I just want to go on to the next episode! Once you have calmed down and you settle to watch your programme, you realise it is after midnight and you have to be at 6am for work, but the programme finishes and you have a few seconds to decide whether to risk watching another one or go to bed and actually sleep! Of course you decide you just MUST watch another episode, which in turn leads to another episode as you cant possibly sleep on that cliffhanger. So as you fall asleep in the laptop, you miss a major part of the programme! you finally wake up in time for work with button imprints on your face and black circles under your eyes, when i get to work i have been known to say I have been up all night with Tilly, rather than admit I am addicted to Homeland or Grimm and had to watch the episodes back to back.

So the days of early nights are now gone, don't you know how much choice there is on Netflix? I need to watch it all before they change the programmes of the films. I say to Kimmy I am going to bed at 9pm, yet I am known to still be awake at 3am!

My Name is Vicky and  I am addicted to Netflix!

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