Monday, 21 July 2014

My three things for the week

I am linking up with to try nd do the '3 things challenge', we focus so much on negative in our lives and we need to focus more on positives, we are so quick to run ourself down with negativity adn we need to take it and work on what was wrong, how to make it better and make ourself happier. We all punish ourself for the negatives, when in reality we need to think about the good things too and concentrate on them.

So here are my negatives, positives and positives for the week ahead.

Three things i didn't do so well this week

  1. I forgot it was Tillys sports day and i had an emotional battle with myself, telling myself that it was ok as Tilly was child number 4 and  had seen so many sports days in my life. I spent two days trying to find someone to cover my shift.
  2. I forgot to organise Dinner one day last week and we had to rummage through the cupboards to find a meal to put together ,this is actually a weekly occurance with me and kimmy both working shifts we are often too tired to even eat in the evenings.
  3. I missed the bus home AGAIN due to Stagecoach in folkestone having some shoddy buses and one had broken down, so they bought another one over, but it needed the wheel nuts tightening, so basically they put us on another broken bus to wait for the repair man. in this time i missed the last bus connection home and had to jump the train :(

Three things I did really well this week
  1. I made it to sports day and graduation from nursery for Tilly, a decision i am so pleased i made
  2. I helped a friend working for a company find some bloggers for a product they have for sale, And also networked more with some bloggers. Where i sometimes have no confidence, i shy away from new people a bit, but this week i have been introducing myself to people more :)
  3. i spoke to my son who is 20, on skype and I am planning a trip to Norway as he wants me to meet his 'friend' Camilla and also i think he misses us ;) He is sorting out accommodation and i just need to find the flight money and spending money.

Things i am going to focus on next week

  1. I have a Hobbycraft christmas/halloween event coming up on thursday and i WILL speak to more new bloggers :), i will introduce myself to new people instead of noticing them and only having the confidence to talk to them when i get home and am on the computer.
  2. I am going to try and be more organised and set dinner the night before, thinking about it beforehand so i can nip to the shop and buy food. 
  3. I will get up a bit earlier each morning to try and organise myself better before work, it is madness getting up half an hour before we need to leave the house and try and get myself and a pre school child ready for work and nursery. 
What are your three things?

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