Thursday, 17 July 2014

No Touch Watch from Goodies For Nurse - Watch Review

Last week we received a Nurses Fob Watch from and we are very pleased with the design and how the watch is easily readable without the need to touch it. The watch is angled and looks like a tear drop so it has a completely unique look. 

The Fob watch is made of Rubber so if it is knocked when your changing/moving a bed and you bash the watch, the watch face is completely protected, meaning a longer lasting watch. The position of the watch means it is so simple to read at a glance and the Watch pin is very secure once you put it on your nurses uniform, meaning it isnt going to fall off throughout your busy day. The clock itself is securely encased in the rubber casing, but it is easily taken out to wind up and pop back in again. 

This design is completely unique as it was designed by Goodies For Nurses and you wont find this design anywhere else. It is £9.99 on the website and is available to buy here

if your a nurse and you need to buy supplies then you can buy any nursing equipment you need from and you have confidence knowing the company is run by a nurse, who only offers quality equipment at affordable prices.
After writing a post last week about the watches, i had a few friends who are in the nursing industry saying how they wished this had been around when they were nursing or asking where to get one from. The whole idea of the no touch watch cuts down the chance of cross contamination/cross infection as your not touching the watch and then your client/patient. 

We would definitely recommend these to anyone working in the nursing or carers industry.

Goodies For Nurses was set up by Jo Fader and her Husband and this is what Jo has to say about why they set the business up.

'I work in A/E and could not manage to buy scissors so I got some from the factory and wrote to all the A/E`s so I could share them out with all the other Nurses. My husband , who was more techy than me, set up a website. Then people wanted other stuff too so it went from there – it was only a hobby really – but we are very busy now. We started about 12 years ago. My husband designed this watch with a new shape to make it easy to see without having to touch it much , so it helps with infection control. We have stronger clips and tougher plastic than the “ cheap” ones and also a better quality watch in there. Anyway see what you think. I am always trying to get fun stuff and make other Nurses lives easier'

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