Monday, 14 July 2014

No Touch Watch From Goodies For Nurses

When kimmy started working as a carer she was looking for a Fob watch to attach to her uniform so she could see the time all the time, without having to keep looking at her mobile phone, so we set about
looking on the internet for some watch reviews to see which would be best for her. As much as we looked, we couldn't find any reviews, so we set about approaching some companies ourselves. One watch we were sent was from a company set up by a nurse for the nursing community. 

They introduce an exclusive to them, the No Touch Watch. It was designed and developed by Goodies for Nurses and it can be read just by glancing down without the need to touch it. If you look at the back of the watch you will see it isn't flat and is in fact angled, Almost in a teardrop shape, This then angles the watch so you simply glance down at it and can see the time. using the No Touch Watch means that there is no cross contamination between your watch and the patient, cutting down any chance of infection passed on to them.

The watch comes in 8 different colours 
Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Lilac, Green, Pink, Red and White and can be found Here

It really is easy to order from the website, you pop onto the page for the No Touch Watches and you select to choose your colour, 

Then you add it to your cart and confirm your order. You then sign in and add your card details, its completely safe and your order will be with you in a couple of days. So look out for our review of the watch in a couple of days. 

If your a nurse and you need to buy supplies then you can buy any nursing equipment you need from and you have confidence knowing the company is run by a nurse, who only offers quality equipment at affordable prices.

Goodies For Nurses was set up by Jo Fader and her Husband and this is what Jo has to say about why they set the business up.

'I work in A/E and could not manage to buy scissors so I got some from the factory and wrote to all the A/E`s so I could share them out with all the other Nurses. My husband , who was more techy than me, set up a website. Then people wanted other stuff too so it went from there – it was only a hobby really – but we are very busy now. We started about 12 years ago. My husband designed this watch with a new shape to make it easy to see without having to touch it much , so it helps with infection control. We have stronger clips and tougher plastic than the “ cheap” ones and also a better quality watch in there. Anyway see what you think. I am always trying to get fun stuff and make other Nurses lives easier'

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