Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Protein Cookies And Brownies From Proteinbakery.co.uk

As a mother of a pre-school child i know how important it is to get all the goodness into my child, quite often it isnt possible with a fussy child like i have. but like most children Tilly will never turn down a cookie
or brownie, so thats why i thought that trying the Cookies and brownies from proteinbakeryuk.co.uk would benefit her. Growing kids need protein to help them build and repair cells, enzymes, and hormones, and, as a lastly to provide energy. Protein is needed by everyone to maintain and repair your body, but it’s especially important for babies and young children because protein helps to support growth and development. Babies and young children grow quickly, so they need more protein per lb of body weight than older kids and adults.

So when i was asked to try these Protein Cookies with Tilly, i jumped at the chance to get more protein into her. These cookies and brownies are completely safe for children and they will not spike their sugar levels. I was sent a parcel with two packs of the Cookies and a Blondie. The first thing i liked was how protected they were in the parcel, there was no way these cookies were going to get crushed in the post or damaged with the bubble wrap surrounding them. I also liked the fact that they were individually wrapped for one portion as this means they are easier to grab and pop in the lunch box for school. We received a Protein Bakery gift Bag and we loved the cute little bag, ideal for a gift. Tilly thought she was so lucky to get a gift of cookies :)
The Protein Bakery would like to offer you all a 15% discount, just use the code TILLYSMUMMY15

The cookies and brownies are all hand made in the UK and have a 4 week date on them for complete freshness. If you want the 'just out of the oven' feel to them, then just pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds. If you dont get to eat them within the 4 weeks you can pop them in the freezer and they will keep for another 3 months. One of the best things is that they are gluten free, so if you cant have any gluten in your diet, these will be perfect for you.

These products are also perfect for vegetarians, as many vegetarians lack protein in their diet. With kimmy being a vegetarian these will be ideal for her.

The Protein Bakery combines delicious brownies and cookies with muscle building protein to create the perfect balance between the pleasure of food and nutrition. An all-natural balanced mix of rolled oats, light brown sugar, lots of fibre and the finest chocolate.

Modern diets are rich in carbs and poor in protein, that's why we sell the healthiest brownies and cookies you can get, trans fat free, gluten free, with no preservatives and filled with Protein to increase your daily intake. Adding protein to food makes you feel fuller faster and prevents spikes in blood sugar levels, reducing insulin released in the body and therefore storage of fats. It keeps the heart beat steady and the body in balance.

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