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Staycation - Have A Picnic In A Park with Big Bus London

We all know that when you have a day out, adding the price of a meal for a family in a restaurant can be a bit pricey, so we usually end up taking a picnic. I am certainly not an organised mummy and my picnic is usually
bought from Sainsburys on the way to the station! This way we can eat as we go, one thing that i try not to go is stick to set lunchtimes on a day out, as you are usually having so much fun that you dont want to stop what your doing and go and find a food place.

When we say we are taking a picnic to London, we often get asked 'where do you picnic in London'. Well the truth of the matter is that London is famous for its parks and greenery. 40% of The Capital is made up of parks and gardens, some are trendy parks to be seen in and others are smaller more 'secret' gardens or parks. Big Bus London have put together a list of the best places to have a picnic and have even added the bus stop you need if your hopping on and off one off their bus tours.

Regents Park (stop 5)
Regents park is where you will find London Zoo and the former hunting ground of Henry VIII, It is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. There are fantastic picnic spots like the boating lake, next to the bandstand or within the Rose Gardens, where you will see up to 400 varieties of flower.

St James Park (stop 25)
Near St James park you will find Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Birdcage Walk. This park is the very centre of Royal and political London, it is a very short walk away from The Houses of Parliament and you can enjoy a picnic in the oldest Royal Park in London, whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Hyde Park (stop 3)
Hyde Park is the Largest of the parks in Central London and you are sure to find a nice secluded place to eat your picnic, you will find many different people passing through Hyde Park from City workers, to cyclists and from families picnicing to people going on a mid day run!

Some of the Hidden places for a picnic and secret gardens are Postman's Park (stop 17) situated just by St Pauls Cathedral. The park was a key plot point in the BAFTA winning movie, Closer starring Jude Law and Natalie Portman. You have the Most bewitching picnic place in London, St Dunstan's in the East (stop 19 or 17) , Here you will find the remains of a medieval church , bombed during the blitz that are now covered in crawling flora, with a mixture of tended lawns and a water feature alongside crumbling walls. It really is an enchanting place to go for a picnic. A true sanctuary from the busy City is the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park (stop 38) this secret garden will transport you to the far east, it is created by Japanese Artists and the garden features stone bridges, Koi carp and a beautiful waterfall, possible the most relaxing of London's public spaces.

If you just want to picnic in the hustle and bustle of the Capital, then get off the bus at Soho Square (stop 7) and enjoy a picnic in the heart of Londons most cosmopolitan districts, You will be surrounded by the most artistic and fashionable residents of London. Tower Bridge (stop 19) is possibly one of the busiest, stretches of touristy London, it is a fantastic place for a picnic by the side of the river under the shadows of the bridge. Or if your brave enough, you have the Sandy Beaches of the River Thames (stop 18) Every year on a first come first serve basis, the Tower Foreshore is open to the public and you can enjoy a free day on the beach of the Thames, something that will live in your memories forever.

To allow visitors to London make the most of their trip, Big Bus Tours will run services as late as 6.30pm, meaning you can make the most of your day and see London at Dusk. There will be 18 buses an hour in the summer and the child price of a ticket has been frozen for 2014, remaining at £12. The tickets also include walking tours and a boat tour with City Cruises.

24 hour tickets cost  
Adult £32
Child £12
Family £76

48 hour tickets cost
Adult £38
Child £15
Family £91

For more information please pop over to the Bus Bus Tour Website

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