Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Staycation No 11, Wheely.com - travel in style through London

How do you travel across London? I love taking the bus as it means you feel part of the city and you get to see sights. Although for quickness we usually use the tube, but the cost of
using the tube isnt cheap if there are a few of you. So when i was asked to download a new app wheely.com and trial the Chauffeur driven car service in London, i thought it would be a fab opputunity to use.
We were travelling by train and needed to get from London Waterloo to St Pancras to continue our journey, so i got out my phone and went to the app, i typed in where you want to be picked up from or you can use the app to use the GPS to find you. Next you type in where you want to go to and it will offer you a car option and tell you how long the car will be.

So you select a car and then you receive confirmation through a Text message and the name of your driver, and their phone number. The Wheelys app keeps you updated with where the car is and how long it will be until it reaches you.
The car arrived and we had a Silver Mercedes, Our driver was Roseline. She popped our bags into the boot and helped Tilly to get in the car. We settled in the back, and we were offered complimentary water - this is lovely idea for a hot day like it was on saturday. We liked the fact that we had a lady driver, as it made me feel more at ease. 

The traffic was very busy on saturday and you do need to think about this if you want to book a car, as it could be much slower than using the tube.  We were dropped off at our destination and Roseline helped us get our bags together. Roseline was very friendly and I would probably use her again in the future. I will definitely use the car service again as its so much easier than struggling with a pre-school child, and bags on the tube!

wheely.com would like you to try out their car service and are offering a £15 credit once you download the app and start using it. Its so easy to do, so as long as its your first ride with Wheely (it's therefore for new users only). In order to use the code, they need to download Wheely app (available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) www.wheely.com and set up their account. Setting up their account involves indicating your mobile phone number, verifying it with an SMS code that we send and including bank card details.

It cost me £13.90 to get to my destination, which is actually cheaper than a black cab would of been. I am looking forward to my next visit to London, so i can use the service again. 

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For details of travelling without a car seat in a Taxi or unexpected journey please check here for the legalities https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules/when-a-child-can-travel-without-a-car-seat

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