Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tillys First Ever School Report

So its that time of the year, when we all find out our kids development at school. But to be honest, It is only a nursery one and i looked deeper into what the school report really means, what would a school report be if the teachers could write what they wanted? What would i write on tillys school report? In the brackets is what i would write on her school report haha

Personal, Social and emotional - Tilly has a very positive attitude and has a great sense of humour and is very affectionate (she cries when i drop her off!). Tilly is welcoming to other children and is very friendly (really?). She has a good awareness of her own mind (she is a stubborn little cow!) and she is very confident in new situations (she is over confident)

communication and language - Tilly has a good understanding of spoken language and uses it well (this child never shuts up!). Tilly is able to concentrate and pay attention to  others and will share her thoughts and views appropriately (Tilly likes an argument when she doesn't get her own way). 

Physical Development - Tilly is physically able and confident and is not too afraid to try new things (she likes an adventure). Tilly is very capable of taking care of her own care routines such as dressing and undressing (is she getting naked in school, like she does at home and often in public?). Tilly is very Headstrong (stubborness again). Tilly will put herself to sleep when she is tired and rests when required (This wouldnt happen if Tilly slept at night) 

Literacy - Tilly loves to look at books with adults (she wants someone to read to her all the time) Tilly has started to use mark making tools during her play and has started to form emergent writing patterns (i think we have a future graffiti artist in our midst) 

Understanding the world - Tilly has a good understanding of technology and is able to use simple equipment like a camera (Tilly spends too much time with mummy taking photos for her blog) . Tilly has experienced lots of cultural activities (Tilly spends too much time in London) and will talk about these activities with the other children (Tilly Brags a lot!)

Expressive Arts and design - Tilly enjoys messy play (she likes getting minging). Tilly can often be hesitant when making her own pictures and will watch others before making her own (she is a big fat copycat)

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