Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tillys Graduation

On Friday it was officially the last day at nursery for most of the children so the older ones had a picnic and sports afternoon, which the parents were invited to. At first i wasnt going to go to it as i knew
i was in to work and that Kimmy was home to watch her in her races, but as the week went on, i got more and more guilty and i knew i would regret not going, so i managed to get someone to cover my shift and off i went, on the hottest day of the year to the sports day.

We sat in the shade and i felt the most amazing pride as she ran her races, even though she cheated in the egg and spoon race! Tilly is such an outdoor girl and loves running around, so she enjoyed sports day and it was so hard trying to get her to sit with her nursery friends instead of running about - discipline is not in Tillys vocabulary!

They enjoyed a little picnic and then had a little ceremony where they all stood on a box and were presented with a certificate as they were the first class ever to graduate from the nursery (it only opened last year). Tillys favourite teacher, Michael was leaving today too which is very sad as she loves him and not having many male role models in her life, he kind of filled a gap for her. But he has gone on to be a nursery manager elsewhere.

Tilly will carry on going to Nursery through the holidays as i have no other childcare set up for her, it does make me sad that i have to work the whole summer long, when i would love nothing more than to stay at home with her and do things that normal mums would do. But i have to work :(

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