Monday, 7 July 2014 - Childrens Educational Resources Review

Recently I was approached by to take a look at their Resource Website and try some bits out.

I have the Premium subscription and it enables me to have access to everything within the site, but Twinkl offer 3 different subscription levels their users, one is a free membership that allows access to the majority of our resources; the second is our Gold membership which is our high quality, low cost option at £24.99 a year; and thirdly our Platinum membership which allows access to all our resources and is priced at £39.99 per year. This is the website and  you click the tabs on the top to choose the age appropriate section for your child.
We chose a counting game as numbers interests Tilly more than letters, and she likes bingo so this was perfect for her. With the Premium subscription we have the ability to print out in colour, but we dont have a printer and had to get it from the local library. But having it black and white also gives to the ability to personalise it and colour it in yourself too.We printed two copies of the sheets out, one copy to cut up and one copy as the boards.

We did of course fix it for Tilly to win, every time she got a matching picture, we all had to shout out 'yamalayhoohoo' (in the voice of Jessie from Toy Story) so it got very Loud. The lotto is found here.

Next we decided to do the Robot shape game, this involved rolling a dice and counting the spots to see which shape they can colour in next, so if you roll a dice and get 3, then you colour in a triangle. This encouraged her to say the shapes, count the numbers on the dice, then find the corresponding number on the sheet of paper to see what shape you colour in next. This game got quite tense as we got near the end and we were all waiting for one number. but it was fun to do, it got tilly colouring in too, she doesn't like being academic, she would rather be outside playing than learning to read and write. 

We have some more pages of activities to do and next on our list is make your own Lego Man. but you can get resources about projects that you might want to do with your child. with the summer holidays coming up, its a perfect time to get the kids of the computers, away from the tv and get down to make something arty that they will love to do. Its easy to find age appropriate items for your children, you click on the childs age and it brings this up
Then click on a subject, I chose Seaside, and it brings up many different activities to do for early years (or the age you chose) at the seaside, as its age appropriate you know your child will be able to do it.

With the subscription you can also create your own flash cards at and you can then personalise them. The resources offered on the Twinkl Website are working alongside the 2014 National Curriculum, so you are actually giving your children a little bit of home tutoring too - giving them a little helpful added bonus ready for the subjects at school. If you teach your children at home, then this is perfect for you, it has lesson plan ideas and you can just print off what you need to teach your child - saves hours searching the internet for teaching resources. Schools and nurseries can also get a subscription, you just need to the School subscription

Taking out a subscription is easy and here are the different levels of subscription and what you get with the levels
You also have access to the Forum when you become a member of Twinkl, this is where you can get advice or offer advice and ideas, its always nice to have a bit of support on a website. So if your interested in becoming a member, then hop over to and see for yourself.

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