Monday, 7 July 2014

What Has Made Me Happy This Week?

You're not from round here
This is a linked post with Your Not From Round Here and it is a blog post about what has made me happy this week.

Firstly it was Tillys first visit to big School, I was quite anxious about this and i felt at ease once i was settled in and the evening got started, even though i rarely suffer from anxiety these days, this was still up there with an anxious moment, i mean my child is being trusted with other people for up to 9 hours a day (including breakfast and afterschool club), but having seen the class room and knowing how massive they are, i felt more settled and i just know Tilly loves it - she didnt know what to play with first.
Finishing work on Friday made me happy, i love my job on a fragrance counter but i have struggled the past week with my Bipolar. I had a manic high that lasted for 3 days and then that led to a 6 days downer,  although it wasn't a major one, it still leaves you feeling sad, exhausted and often useless and unable to cope with simple tasks.

On saturday i took Tilly to the school fete and then to the park and skate park with her new skateboard that i had bought her on friday. She has been asking for a skateboard forever and i found a little one for her in The Works for a fiver, so she then wanted to go to the skate park, i am not sure what she exprected, but i think she thought she could automatically be able to skateboard.

It was nice to do free things for a change and for us to do something with my older daughter as we rarely do things together anymore, due to work commitments

On Sunday we had a family day at home, this made me very happy as we got back to basics and played played basic games like bingo and drawing games. Before sitting down to watch movies in the afternoon.
We even had a sit down lunch together something that rarely happens these days

Then to top off sunday afternoon, my son skyped us from Norway where he works on a golf course as a greenkeeper. I like him skyping as it gives Tilly chance to see him and show things to him. They have even had egg and spoon races by skype before :)

Lots of other things have made me happy last week and one of them is the giggling i keep hearing from Tully, we watched the Water horse on friday night and she couldnt stop giggling at the things in the movie, also hearing her giggling when she was jumping off the sofa and pretending to dive into a swimming pool. She gives me a mini heart attack everytime, but it makes her happy ;)

I have a lot to be grateful for and no matter how hard my week has been, there is always something to make us smile in our house :)

oops i nearly forgot, my oldest daughter got me this and it made me very happy lol, like i said its the simple things ..........

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