Monday, 21 July 2014

What Is The Best Lip Pencil I Can Buy?

I am a big fan of red lipstick, i find it draws attention to your face and makes you feel a bit naughty. Red lipstick lasts a bit longer than a normal lipstick too. I have recently been looking at the lip pencils you can get, and offer the same coverage as a lipstick.

So i took a Bourjois pencil, a Revlon one and a B. Range one, and i put them to the test

How easy was it to put on accurately?

Bourjois Color Boost, this pencil is quite big and it was hard to get an accurate application without it going over the lips.

B. Vibrant, A much slimmer pencil and easier to apply with a more accurate and precise finish. Perfect for smaller lips

Revlon Colorburst, This Again is a chubby type of pencil and its harder to get an accurate outline to your overall look.

The best Colour

Bourjois Color Boost, Although this red looked quite red on the pencil, it was quite pink on the lips. A lovely colour for everyday wear, but not the red, it showed

B. Vibrant, a much better red, it is an orange red shade instead of a pink red, which is much better. Its more vibrant and eye catching

Revlon ColorBurst, Once again its more of a pink colour, so it isnt as vibrant, yet i liked this shade of red as it looked very natural.

Any benefits from the Pencil?

Bourjois Color Boost, Its a Glossy pencil, so you don't get a matt look to your lips, but other than tht i didn't see any real benefit from choosing this lip pen.

B. Vibrant, This pencil is the longest lasting of all of these pencils and as well as you also being able to use it on your cheeks as a blusher. It is a lip and cheek pencil, so it is handy to stick in your bag as an all in one make up item.

Revlon ColorBurst, Has a mint taste to it, so it feels like it pumps up your lips as you wear it. It has a glossy look to it.

How much do they cost?

Bourjois Color Boost £7.99

B. Vibrant £6.99 

Revlon ColourBurst, £5.99
All prices are correct as of 19/07/14 and they are all similar in price.

What one is our Favourite?

We liked the B. Vibrant as it was more of a realistic red for us, it was more fun and the shade was perfect. It is longlasting and we like that we can use it as a blusher too. The pencil is slim and easy to apply without going over the edge of the lip line. A close second is Revlon Colorburst, i like the way it made my lips feel like they were plumping out when i applied the colour. And lastly it was Bourjois Colorboost, i liked the glossy look but it really looked more pink on the lips.

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