Saturday, 26 July 2014

When Does It Become Too expensive To Work? - The Rising Costs of Childcare

I work 16 hours a week and because i travel on average an hour and a half to get to work every day and an hour and a half to get home, Tilly has to be in childcare for an extra 3 hours a day. This of course means child care costs soar! Yes i get 80% of my childcare costs  covered but i still have to find the rest myself. So it leaves me stuck right in the poverty trap. But now the summer holidays are here  my childcare has doubled, due to the loss of the government funding for 3 year olds (they dont get it in the holidays - only term time). So for 4 days at school i have to find £188 a week, which is madness as i earn just over £100!

Tax credits cap the childcare funding at £122, so i would have to find £60 a week on top for nursery fees - isnt this madness? The government want all people to work and they make it so difficult for mothers to work when they are worse off by paying the childcare. It is a scandal that the government look a things through rose tinted glasses and not the reality of the fight you face everyday to feed your family or decide between electric or food. You would think as a working mum i would be better off - but Oh No its not so, I am always having the internet cut off and bank direct debits rejected as the money isnt in there. The childcare is always the first thing i pay every week because if i dont pay that, then I lose the childcare place, then i cant work!

A friend of mine has been a SAHM with her little girl who will be five in December, she is facing the same dilemma, Does she go to work and pay childcare costs and have to find childcare in the holidays for her two children (which isnt always easy to find!) or does she start to sign on and have to go to the next town every two weeks and be made to feel lazy and unworthy by signing on, then be stigmatized as a mum who isnt working and has become part of 'benefit Britain'

I love my job and I dont want to give it up as i know the rising costs are only a small hurdle for me to cover, there are also other problems with my nursery, but more about that at a later date! So roll on september when Tilda goes to school and i only have to pay minimal amounts for after school club and breakfast club.

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