Tuesday, 15 July 2014

You Know A Child Of A Blogger When......

When your a Blogger, it is so easy to recognise children of other bloggers! I know this as i see this in my own children.

  • They pose with an item in their hand, but they don't just do one pose, they hold it at different angles, use different facial expressions and they stand at different angles
  • If there is something they need, they say 'mum i need a ......... can you please see if you can find one for me and review it' 
  • You leave the house and your 4 year old says 'Mummy have you got your blogging notebook?'
  • When the same 4 year old says 'mummy how come everyone knows my name' when you meet random people at blogging events and they are readers of your blog!
  • When your 4 year old wants to carry her Kiddizoom camera everywhere so she can take pictures of her day for your blog!
  • Your child seems extremely generous when she takes 28 goodie bags to nursery when in fact you got them from an event and you cant wait to get rid of them as they are cluttering up your house.
  • The older ones come to you and say 'mum i need a Camera/tool kit/new dress can you please see if you can do your PR bit and write to some companies to get some samples sent through'
  • When you children always talk to their friends about things that haven't been released yet or know about toys not yet on the market and another mother comes to you at nursery and says ' where can i get one of those?'
  • Your child is very knowledgeable about random things that you wouldn't expect a 4 year old to know! like when we had the Rug Doctor delivered, she knew how it worked and what cleaner to put in it.
Yes my children are children of a blogger and even when we go out to events, people always say 'you can tell she is the child of a blogger', these type of children have a look about them and people always comment on Tillys Posing! Being the child of a blogger means you are so lucky to get opportunities that other children wouldn't get and it means that Tilly can come to work with me sometimes. 

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