Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A-Z Of Summer Holidays (An Alternative Parents Guide)

  • A is for ARGHHHH, 6 weeks with my kids!!
  • B is for Booze - make sure you have loads of it!
  • C is for counting the days untill they go back!
  • D is for  Disney Channel - it will be a lifesaver when the kids keep moaning that they have nothing to do
  • E is for EEK! What have they done now!
  • F is for Failing to keep your sanity
  • G is for Grandparents, they were invented for having kids in the holidays
  • H is for Happy hour down the pub ;)
  • I is for Ignoring the little buggers when they argue, when they constantly call your name and when they constantly want to fight
  • J is for juggling work and childcare
  • K is for kicking them out into the garden
  • L is for loving the bedtimes, when your little treasures are safely tucked up in bed and you reach for the glass bottle of wine!
  • M is for money, you will have it for a short time so make the most of it
  • O is for Oh Lord, why did i have so many children?
  • P is for Paraceromol, you will get through boxes of it!
  • Q is for quiet - What the hell is quiet?
  • S is for STOP! 
  • T is for Tantrums and tears but its really time you grew up and learned to cope with your kids!
  • U is for utterly exhausted
  • V is for Valium ;)
  • W is for What the heck are they doing now?
  • X is for Xray as no doubt you will spend time here in the summer holidays
  • Y is for yawning
  • Z is for zzzzzzz just pretend to be asleep and they will leave you alone!

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