Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A-Z of Summer Holidays - F is for Fairy Catching!

After seeing this done on you tube, we thought we would give it a go. Tilly loves magical things and when we had the finished result we told her that we had caught fairies in the garden - she is so gullible lol!

What you need

A Jar
Glow sticks

Kimmy added glitter to the jar

Kim then  snapped all the glow sticks to activate them, then cut them and dripped the contents of the stick
into a jar. Use gloves so you dont get it on your hands.

This was really time consuming! if they dont drip out, flick them with your finger or shake it on the inside of the jar

This is how it should look when the lid is on and you then shake it to mix the glitter and the glow stick liquid together. It doesnt look much does it? but then you switch the light off and the 'fairies' come to life, when it drips down the jar, it looks like  the 'fairies' are moving :)

Unfortunatly you cant quite catch the magic of the glow in the jar, with the camera. But believe me its cool! the only thing is that once the glow sticks are opened, they only last a few minutes unlike when a glow stick is enclosed in the tube. So i had to keep 'Feeding the Fairies' 

Give it a go, give your child a fairy pet



  1. im so going to nab this idea!

    1. Oh do it, they think its magic. but its better to do in the darker evenings as the fairies shine more

  2. Love this - so magical! :D
    Thanks for sharing at the Mumsnet linky.


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