Saturday, 9 August 2014

A-Z Of Summer - I Is For Imagination

Kids love imagination and Tilly is the most imaginative kid i know, but then i am Biased! She has a very important friend called Peter and he has been her friend for many years.
He plays with her every day and he gets her into alot of trouble on some occasions like today when she swore and then told us that Peter had told her to say it. When we go to London we have to take Peter with us - only Peter is pretend!

When we go out and walk past an area where there is more than one tree, Tilly insists we are in a forest. We then have to explore the forest, we might even see a large bush somewhere, but to her its still a forest. How about going out on a bear hunt? We do! I may look stupid to some of the passing people when i am climbing through pretend wavy grass or struggling through a snow storm - but we are going on a bear and we're not scared!
Tilly on a bear hunt

We go to a castle and Tilly dresses up like a princess and we go to a castle, she pretends its her castle, but if you live near ruins, you can use you imagination there too

Use your imagination at home and sit down and play the games we used to play as a child, we fold up a piece of paper and everybody draws part of the body, then at the end we unwind the paper and and we all have a giggle at the picture

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