Monday, 11 August 2014

A-Z Of Summer - J Is For Jelly Exploring

WE got this idea from Tillys New school as it is good for their hand/eye co-ordination, so we thought we would give it a go. Make some jelly and drop in some random items, then when the jelly is set, give your
child a set or tweezers and ask them to pick out the item. We added bits of all shapes and sizes and waited for it to set.

Once set, just give them the tweezers and see if they can pick the items out with one hand, i told tilly to put the other hand behind her back, this makes it harder and she did have trouble getting the larger items out, like the candle but she had to think about other ways of removing it and learnt how to put the tweezers underneath the items and then loosening them before picking them up.

You could do this with sweets and they can eat them as they go along or if you want to have an adult themed night you can make the jelly as a vodka jelly and add sweets or naughty items in there, think of all the different ways you could have fun with the jelly

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