Friday, 22 August 2014

A-Z Of Summer -S Is For Speed Boat Down The Thames With RIB Voyages

All i can say to this is OMG! this is an experience not to miss if your visiting London. RIB Voyages provide a trip down the River Thames where you get to see the sights that you normally wouldn't see. You get up close and personal with HMS Belfast (which is now on Tillys Wish list!) and you go past the now bricked up entrance to Traitors Gate for the Tower of London.
Only this isn't an ordinary River cruise, its a river cruise with a difference, You travel by speed boat!

We walked down London Eye Millenium Pier to Boarding gate 1 and made sure we arrived 15 minutes before our departure time and we were met by a member of staff who gave us all a life jacket and explained to us, how it works. With Tilly (who is only 4) she got down to her level, so they had a good eye contact and she explained to her why she had to wear it and that she must not pull the red cord unless she goes in the water. She then put the Life jacket on Tilly and made sure it was secure. This gave me so much confidence in the safety aspect of the experience. I had never done anything like this before, so i didn't know what to expect. The life jackets come in all sizes, I am a uk size 26 and it fitted comfortably.

The Speed boat docked and we were welcomed on by Matt who helped everyone on the boat, he made sure we were all sitting down and explained that Tilly might want to sit right back in the seat when we go faster, so she didn't bump her head.

Due to speed restrictions on the river in central london we couldn't go too fast until we got past Tower Bridge and then the fun really began! We sped up and the experience was amazing, i know its a bit cliche, but yes i felt like James Bond. You cant really describe the exhilaration, the Adrenalin, the excitement so i have added a video of part of the experience and a video of Tilly on the boat (i think she is an adrenaline junkie!)

The fast part of the experience

The tour of the River Thames

The whole experience was a blast from start to finish and i would recommend it to anyone with a child, this would give them an experience that not many people get to enjoy as an adult. Instead of a childs birthday party, you could take a few of their friends out on the water like this. It is a must do for kids of all ages (i say all ages as my oldest kid is 22)

On the way back we were given a tour of the river and important places of interest were pointed out and also random bits of trivia were told to us

The staff of the boat were comical, yet serious when needed, friendly and had the best rapport with the people taking the ride. It really is a must-do if you like adventure and your in London, we wanted to do it again, as soon as we got off the boat.

How do you book a tour?

The tour is available online at or you can phone on 0207 928 8933. If you have any enqiries you can email bookings@ .

You can also add them on Facebook to keep up with the news

There are many different tours to enjoy and  if you go to Boarding Gate One, London Eye Millennium Pier,
Southbank, London.

Meet here for The Ultimate London Adventure,
Captain Kidds Canary Wharf Voyage,
Thames Barrier Explorers Voyage,
The London Edge.

If you go to North Gate, St Katharine's Pier, Tower of London, London.

Meet here for Break the Barrier.

Prices for the experience can be found here, and i can tell you its worth every penny.

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