Thursday, 28 August 2014

A-Z Of Summer - W Is For Wow Its Nearly Time For Kids To Go Back To School!

For those of you who have had the pleasure of your little munchkins all at home all summer, then your unbelievably lucky to have spent some quality time with them. Tilly went to Nursery all through the summer until last week, which was really hard for both of us to deal with. I have always been at home with Tilly due to my Mental health problems (i worked one day a week) and when i finally went back to work properly last November,
i thought i would deal with the holidays fine. I thought to myself that she was child number 4, so i had seen the milestones before on the other kids - would it really matter if i missed a few of hers? afterall as long as someone was there with her, it wouldnt matter who it was.

But these holidays both of us have found it hard to cope with, Tilly needed to be with her mummy and i had to work all through, even when i took 2 days holiday at the start of august i was sick with a bug! So i am now in the middle of 2 weeks holiday which gives me 2 weeks to fit 6 weeks of quality time in to. I am lucky that Tilly doesn't start school until a week after most of her friend so we have a sneaky extra week, which almost seems naughty!

For me the next week is a countdown to having to let go of my baby and letting her move on with her next part of her life. I know its going to be difficult for us both especially as i have made a huge mistake and booked to go away with work for a fragrance conference on her first day of big school - something i know i am going to regret! But i will be able to take her on day 2 and for the week after that, which gives us both settling in time. Something i am really dreading is being at home without her, it will seem so strange.

For many people going back to school means Cheaper holidays, although it is now against the law to take
your children out of school in the term time i say 'what a load of tosh!' how is it parents are not allowed to take a holiday with their children when its a good £500 cheaper for a family holiday. How many families missed out on a holiday this summer due to inflated prices? For me, I will weigh out the cost of the holiday to the school fine. Yes i am a rebel (i will even send her to school with red shoes or pink socks if thats what she wishes to wear) I have booked a holiday for term time this year and we are having a little break to butlins over a weekend that means 2 days off from school. This was booked last year when we didnt know the school starting dates back then and I have notified the school, but as Miss Tilly is not 5 yet, she doesnt legally have to attend school so thats my loophole! Of course I wont make a habit of it as rules are there to make the smooth running of a school.

Many people will miss their kids as they love being at home with them and i used to be like this with the older three children. Others will be counting down the hours till theirs go back as the kids are bored, getting naughty and just want to be back with their friends. I have seen many joke posts on facebook and they have made me chuckle. So as soon as the kids go back to school then parents get their life back!

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