Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Another Victim To Depression - RIP Robin Williams

It Saddened me this morning to wake up and see all over Facebook that Robin Williams had died, as with all the news stories like this, i always check on the Sky News website, and there it was. Robin Williams had been battling depression and had taken his own life.

Suffering from Depression is a very difficult thing to have to live with and for some people it seems that suicide is the only way out. This past week i have reflected alot on the effects of depression as i had just come round to the fourth anniversary of my own suicide attempt. 4 years ago this past week, i thought that the only way out was for me to be out of the equation. I was suffering from severe post natal depression and the thing that went through my head were scaring me. I had nobody to talk to about how i was feeling and even if i did tell someone, i couldnt make sense of the thoughts in my head to how could i expect another person to understand ho i was feeling and what was going through my head. When you commit suicide, it isnt something you plan, its just something you do. There is no explaining what goes through your mind at the time. Since my own attempt i have been diagnosed with Cyclothymia and seeked the help I so much needed, i am grateful for that and I thank my blessings everyday.

Depression is an invisible illness and so many people are still ignorant to the fact! No its not just that someone is having a bad day and no its not that someone is getting attention. Depression is a battle that some people have to face everyday of their life. Somedays you dont even want to open your eyes because it means having to face the day, having to cope with reality. Sometimes even i still have to force myself to get out of bed!

Robin Williams was my kids idol as they grew up - i dont know how many times we watched Mrs Doubtfire and Jumanji! He will be sadly missed.

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