Friday, 8 August 2014

Coundown To The New Doctor Who

So....... Admit it! who is excited about the return of Doctor who? I bet loads of you secretly are, you say you watch it for the kids but we know its you really that is the biggest fan of all.

Tilly is a big Dr Who Fan and that is all down to Kimmy. Tilly has now started to actually
ask if she can watch Dr Who episodes on the Recorded Talk Talk box, rather than kim making her watch it lol.

But the new Doctor?? well i must admit i am not sure about him. I feel that a lot of the 'teenage' audience may not watch it so much as they like a 'hot' Doctor and lets face it, the last 3 Doctors have all been perfect (my favourite being David Tennant). I like the chemistry between the Doctor and his Companions and i have already read an article that there will be no love interest between the New Doctor and his companion.

The new series of Dr Who starts on 23rd August, on BBC 1 and Kimmy is counting down the days! In fact, you know how germans always put towels on their beach beds on holidays? Well Kimmy has already reserved her seat on the sofa by putting her Dalek Duvet cover in place!

To get you all in the mood for the New  series we have a set of 4 Doctor Who quiz books to give away. catch up on some trivia or give them to your children. Uk entries only. Winners have 2 weeks to reply to the winning email.

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