Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dry Nites Blogger Event - Using Crafts To Help Little Ones With Bed Wetting

On Tuesday i was so lucky to be invited to a blogger event with Huggies Dry Nites, I was asked to bring along some of my childs plastic toys, an old pillowcase and a family photo, so i was absolutely intrigued to find out how this was all connected to helping your child get dry at night.

I arrived at Camden Town (somewhere i hadnt been since my teenage years) and found Tea and Crafting where we were supposed to meet up with everyone for our day of craft. As usual i was late, but in my defence there was so much to see in Camden Town and i did get a bit lost  sidetracked!

When i finally got there i was met by Rosie and Stavros from the Dry Nites team and also The Great British Sewing Bee runner up Tamara Melvin along with Psychologist Emma Kenny. We were given a lamp and shown how to turn it into a lamp for our children, so the idea of the lamp was to make the children feel grown up and be able to get up and go to the toilet in the night without feeling scared. The lamps have the childrens toys stuck on them for familiarity and are painted in their favourite colour (Tillys is Yellow). I will be posting a tutorial on making a lamp at the weekend.

We also made a pin board to hang in your childs nursery, although most parents
decided they wanted them for themselves! This was so simple to make and took less than an hour, but is so affective and would make a brilliant homemade christmas gift that you can make with your child for someone at christmas. I always say, if it looks half good, then admit you made it together with your child, if it looks a bit of a hash i always say Tilly made it herself ;)

We Had a great day and everyone was able to share bedwetting stories and i finally realised that the fact Tilly wasnt dry at nights until she was four was actually quite normal. In the past i had heard people saying that children should be dry at night and it was down to lazy parenting if your child still wet the bed by the time they went to school and infact recently in my local area, there was a news article bringing to light that there were 11 year olds local school still wearing nappies at night, This article shocked me a bit as i dont think it should of been made public and people judge before knowing the circumstances. Bedwetting is something that a child cant help and infact parents are doing all they can to help support the child. This article came out just as i knew i had to bite the bullet and try and get Tilly out of nappies at night, Knowing people like this are judgemental did scare me a little and made me realise how people dont think about medical reasons for children wetting the bed. You can read the article here and you can get advice for children 7+ here.

Anyway it was so good for everyone to get together and share advice and Tips. It was great to have so
many people to offer advice and Both Emma and Tamara have children of their own so their advice also comes from their own experience.

For advice and a free sample pop over to we had a great day and we will have a tutorial of the pin board and lamp to follow soon :)

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