Monday, 18 August 2014

Fearsome Fours - Is Your Four Year Old, A Child Possessed? Then Your Not Alone!

So everyone talks about the Terrible two's. or the threenager phase - but omg having a four year old at the moment is harder than a 2 and 3 year old put together.
Tilly turned 4 in  March and everything was fine untill a couple of moths ago and then her behaviour became quite shocking!
She is ready for school- we know she is, but she seems to have reverted back to being a naughty little toddler rather than my charming 4 year old, like she was. She keeps lying and the stories she comes out with can be quite believable, she will say that her sister (who is 22) stood on her middle toe and left a spot (that isnt really there), she Said the other day that i hurt her when we were in the bath together a couple of days ago, but i had got up and gone to work before she even woke up but the things she says can be so easily be believed by the nursery or an independant person listening in to her talking. Of course she does come out with some really unbelievable lies like the one where Zach (her 20 year old brother) ran home from Norway and punched her before he ran back again! sometimes we laugh as they are so unbelievable, but we have to leave the room to laugh, as we are trying to teach her that lying is naughty and people can be hurt with the things she says. Her sweet little way of asking for things have morphed into demands and instead of asking nicely, she deepens her voice and has an angry look on her face. Did i really create this child?

She has turned into a more stubborn young lady and its so hard to reason with her because she switches off, she ignores me and its so frustrating. she cries everytime i leave her at nursery saying she HATES it (hate is a powerful word), i know this is to manipulate me into feeling bad - but guess what? i feel bad for 5 minutes before i realise that for the next 6 hours i will become my own independant woman at work!

Friends are going through the same thing as me, but i think its hard for them to admit, as it is me after all who wants to admit that their child has become a child possessed? i didnt until one day i saw a child in work the same age as Tilly and she was like the She-devil. I told the mum that i was having problems with my 4 year old too and she looked so relieved that it wasnt just her child. So i started asking friends if they were having problems too and someone told me her child is so out of character at the moment and the LO is  Scratching and hitting when mum tries to prevent her from doing something that could cause her harm, Her LO ran like a loony round some shops because the mum wouldn't give into the LO's demands but they wouldn't listen to reason and got themself worked up. Not listening, hurting the little brother and doing things that LO knew could hurt them.

I think there are many parents of 4 year olds at their wits end right now and the day they are due to start school looks ever so much more attractive every day ;) although none of us would really admit we are counting down the days of going to school. I dont remember the older kids being like this but that was such a long time ago now ha ha

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