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Huggies Dry Nites - Supporting Parents With Bedwetting

When you have a child, you cant help but get caught up in the competitiveness of it all! i was terrible with the older 3, but by the time Tilly came along, i really didn't care for whose child was the first to walk or whose child was out of nappies first. But when you do have competitive parents around you its hard to admit that your child is still in nappies for bed at 4 years old!
Tilly had been dry in the day time by April 2012, she was 2 years and a month old. Within 6 months i tried her at night but she didnt get the hang of getting up in the night and going for a wee, so with a heavy heart and punishing myself i popped her back into nappies at night. Society says your child should be dry at night as well as in the day by the time they are 21/2 or 3 years old. I guess we are rebellious and defied society. But the fact of the matter is that  Bedwetting is actually more common than most people think with 1 in 5 of all five-year-olds wetting the bed on a regular basis. What’s more almost one in ten four to 15 year olds will wet the bed at some stage in their childhood.

Children who wet the bed have difficulty in recognising the sensation of a full bladder at night, so they don’t wake up or hold-on to the sensation of a full bladder. There are so many myths about helping your child get dry at night but to be honest, not many of them are true.
  • Lifting your child at night doesnt help them learn to get up through the night to go to the toilet! Your child needs to learn to control their bladder and waking them up isnt helping them and only making them more tired. What it actually does is reinforce to the child that they can urinate while they are asleep. This can make the wetting worse as the child is weeing without responding to their brain waking them because of a full bladder.
  • Do not stop your little one having a drink hours before bed as this could cause them to dehydrate, making them ill - anyway what would we do if someone stopped us having something to drink a few hours before bed? Make sure you child has plenty to drink throughout the day and it helps them to learn to control their bladder
  • Bedwetting is not a serious condition, infact bedwetting is a common occurrence - almost 10% of all 4–15 year-olds wet the bed at some point. There are lots of reasons why and most of them are nothing to worry about
  • Bedwetting is not a behavioural problem, Children who wet the bed do not do so on purpose; while there are a number of causes, a behavioural issue is not one of them. So please don't punish your child for bed wetting, it can be a stressful time for both of you.
With Tilly i think that i had put her into nappies and she got into quite a habit of just going to the toilet in her nappy at night and having the security of a nappy on, when i knew i was getting low on nappies i told her that we were not going to buy anymore and she would have to start going to the toilet in the night. Luckily for me she took to it like a duck to water, the second time and has only had a few accidents. We do travel alot and have random nights away, we now have a pack of Huggies Dry Nites Pyjama Pants and pop some in the bag when we go away. Saves Tilly getting upset or stressed about bedtimes. Huggies Dry Nites Pyjama Pants make the child feel more grown up and they are more discreet, quieter and softer than a nappy. They are perfect if your child goes for a sleepover at friends too.

If you go over to the Dry Nites Website you can get loads of friendly advice and you can even get advice from Emma Kenny, a Psychologist and Huggies Expert. I met Emma this week and she was so helpful with her advice, sometimes you need someone from the outside to help you look at things a different way. There are also competitions and support for parents.

If you pop over to get a Free sample, you will receive one in the post to give it a try. 

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