Saturday, 2 August 2014

London For Free With Miss Tilly

When we travel to London we always go for the 'pricebuster' Ticket on the train, which means with a railcard we can get there for £14.80, which is a bargain especially when i am travelling with tills and it means two of us can have a good day out on that. It means we have to get the SLOMO train, that takes up over 2 hours to get to London as apposed to paying £10 more and going high speed,
but unfortunately Southeastern dont offer any offers on the high speed train. It would afterall make parents lives easier and in my experience as i have a noisy and restless child, that quite often annoys the other train travellers - but have they tried occupying a child for nearly 2 and half hours in a small space?

Anyway once we get to London one of Tillys Favourite places is Southbank, and we always have to go down there. We hold Merlin Passes and they are due to run out soon, but we normally manage to get on the London Eye, so we shall miss not going on there when the passes run out.

But more than anything Tilly loves the Street entertainers and can stand and watch them for ages, The older kids were the same, but we used to watch them in Covent Garden when they were little. All you need is a bit of loose change in your pocket and they are

more than willing to have a photo taken with you.

We like to walk in London too as thats the best way to see things, after all what do you get to see when you go on the tube? for £4.20 single, you are often lucky to get a seat and you have to climb up and down stairs
(although its convenient to take the tube 90% of the time). A walkable distance from London Bridge train station is Borough Market, a lovely market place that is the scene of many movies and if your lucky, you will spot Brigitte Jones Flat entrance, The Door to The Leaky Cauldron and the room where Harry Potter stayed in the movies. Borough Market is where Brigitte jones goes shopping for food in the movie. Entrapment and Lock Stock and two smoking Barrels are also two more movies filmed in Borough Market. Borough Market is found in Southwick Street.

The last time we went to London we also took in some of the buildings and the architecture, you wouldn't expect a 4 year old to be interested in buildings but oddly Tilly finds them interesting and is always taking selfies by the buildings!

She  calls the 'Gherkin' the egg tower, and yes i can see her logic ha ha.

To make the most of London for Free you can also take a picnic in one of their many parks and secret picnic places as found here

Next time you go to London, try doing it for free :)

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