Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Tilly Is Growing Up *sigh*

Family Friday
Tilly is my  baby, she is my youngest and i suppose i want to keep her my baby, but this week she has shown me how grown up she really is.

I came down with a sickness bug on sunday - i put my hands up, i had been out saturday and thought i was hungover, so i never moaned about the way i was feeling, but when i still wasnt feeling better by monday (in fact i felt worse) i started to think there was something worse with me. Luckily Bethy was here to keep her entertained and take Tilly out for a picnic and to feed the ducks, whilst i spent day 2 in bed! Tuesday i had to go out and collect a parcel from Tesco, as they were on the verge of sending it back to the depot because i hadn't collected it. But the trip completely wiped me out!

I went home and straight back to bed - thats where i stayed untill this morning! Kimmy came down with the bug on tuesday night and that meant both of Tillys carers were wiped out :( There is nothing more that can make you feel like a crap parent than not being able to look after them. But Tilly really stepped up and looked after herself. She was able to help herself to nacks in the fridge when she was hungry or get herself a drink. Whilst i dozed on the sofa or in bed, she entertained herself (thank goodness for Netflix on my Kindle) and she never strayed too far from me, she would sit by my feet :)

Kim and I Tag Teamed and slept in shifts, so that one of us would be awake whilst she was. If you have a pre-school child you know how hard it is to keep them inside and not let them go out, Tilly is so used to being an outside girl, she loves to play. Tilly didnt moan once about being in, although she must of really been getting cabin fever!

So today as i felt better we went for a walk to town as i needed to go shopping and OMG did she have some energy to burn off! she had fun running through town, splashing in puddles (although she only had Crocs on) and to others she must of looked like a naughty little bugger, but she was just grateful for some fresh air.

This last few days has made me realise that she is an independent little girl and she is no so ready for big school. I don't have to dress her because she can do it herself and if I ask her to help me with a job, then she will. It's time to cut the apron strings!

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