Friday, 15 August 2014

Pizza Express New Autumn Menu, Not to be Missed!

On Wednesday we were lucky to be invited to the recently refurbished Pizza Express Restaurant in London Spitalfields. It was beautifully decorated and it had an open kitchen so you can see the pizzas being made,
something that Tilly really enjoyed watching! We were there to try out the new autumn menu that is due to be on the menu from 7th October 2014  and believe me we were not disappointed with the variety of food on offer. When you have a pizza, you normally stick to a basic variety, but Pizza Express offer so many more flavours.
For starters we have some new options on the autumn menu, and one that we quite enjoyed on wednesday was Leggera Gambaretti Piccante GF (when served without dough sticks) £5.65
Containing fewer than 210 calories, this dish of juicy king prawns in a passata sauce, which is accented with chilli flakes, garlic, santos tomatoes and spinach, and finished with fresh parsley. Dough sticks can be added for £1.55.

Here is a sneaky peak at some of the pizzas on offer with the autumn menu.

Melanzane V GF* £12.70
A classic, Italian recipe, this pizza is served on a thin and crispy Romana base, which is covered in a spicy Arrabbiata sauce then topped with marinated slices of aubergine, baby mozzarella and a sprinkling of Gran Moravia cheese. After baking, it’s finished with fresh basil and more Gran Moravia cheese. This pizza is perfect if you have a vegetarian in your party

Carbonara GF* £13.15
Think comfort food. Pancetta, garlic oil, mozzarella and Gran Moravia cheese top this b├ęchamel based
pizza along with a free-range egg in the centre, cooked the way you like it. It’s finished with fresh parsley and is simply delicious. This is my absolute favourite of the pizzas on offer on this menu, i love Carbonara anyway and its perfect on a pizza.

We tried the Desserts out too as they have some new additions to the Autumn Menu. 

Leggera Chocolate Torte £5.75
At less than 255 calories, this rich, smooth and creamy chocolate & mascarpone torte is a simple portion of guilt-free heaven.

Honeycomb Cream Slice £5.90
Salted caramel lovers look no further. This dessert includes sweet honeycomb and chocolate pieces in a light cream layer of salted caramel on a crumbly biscuit base. 

You can find a Pizza Express near you at if you visit and also see their menu. 
If you dont have a Pizza Express near you then why not pop into your local supermarket and pick up a new At Home range of 12” thin and crispy pizzas, bringing them closer than ever before to the pizzas enjoyed in its restaurants – bravissimo! Created by Master Pizzaiolo, Antenor Siqueira, using PizzaExpress’ original recipes, the new and improved bases are bigger, thinner and crispier – just like the best-selling Romana pizzas dished up in PizzaExpress’ restaurants! 

Pizza Express’ new Romana range of At Home pizzas are available in Sainsbury’s from 9 September and Waitrose and Tesco in October. RSP £6.

PizzaExpress is also re-launching its Classic 9” and 12” pizzas. At Home 9” Classics (RSP £4.50) are sold in most leading supermarkets and come with the following toppings:

Margherita – now with more creamy mozzarella
American and American Hot – now with even tastier smoky pepperoni

Photos By Tracy Dunn Except the Pizza Express Boxes

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