Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tilly Goes To Lollibop!

Forever i have wanted to take Tilly to Lollibop, But the tickets had always been out of reach for me as they were out of my price range, especially when you have to add the cost of train fare on the top
. But this year i was so lucky to win some tickets from and my friend won some, so we could actually manage to give the kids a really good day out.

So i filled my Kindle with episodes of Annedroids and i purchased Frozen from Amazon, downloaded it and fully charged it ready for a long car ride. We got up at 5.30AM, piled everyone in the car and were on our way by 6.30AM.
Normally on a day out like this, you have to pay for so much more on top, we even had face painting included in the entry ticket and there was about 6 tents dotted around, so everyone would have chance to have their face done.
There was so much to do and we had some very excited people with us, the people running the attractions were enthusiastic and got into the whole festival spirit, We managed to do most of the things there and as we had got there for opening, it meant that we got to see alot of it when it wasnt too busy. 

We didnt take lunch as we were going to buy it there, but by lunch time we were starving and the queues for food were horrendous, so next time we will take a packed lunch! Luckily though there were plenty of places giving out snacks like Pom Bears and Haribo. 

We had a fab day, but a long day, We listened to the ladybird people reading the Spot the Dog Story and afterwards there was a meet and greet with Spot. We designed T-shirts with River Island Kids and we made fire with the Bear Grylls Experience (probably not the best thing to teach Tilly ha ha).

 We saw Justin Fletcher on stage and met a real life Fashion Doll! Little Tikes were there and we even got to go into a little tikes car
Just before we went home, we popped in to see a bit of Baby Ballet, and the kids had chance to join in.
Horrible Histories are what my older kids grew up with and they were even there and it was a great time to introduce Tilly to them and they learned a bit about the tudors.
The event closes at 6pm, but we were tired by 4.30pm and admitted defeat, we were ready to go! we thought we would get caught in traffic, as we left the event but it was organised well and we had no problems getting out :)

A fab day was had by all and all the little ones except one, slept on the way home! I was so pleased to see my bed tonight


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time - you left even earlier than us!!
    I didn't see the baby ballet and I wish I had had a go in that giant cosy coupe

    1. I have read a few of the posts on the link up and thought .... i never saw that... or i never did that, but i think i agree with most of the comments about the shows, we missed scooby doo because of the queues - Tilly was a bit upset as there was only one showing a day. It was a fab day out though but there needs to be more organisation with the direction of where people queue to get in, so many people joined the Vip/Press queue and then had to move line and start queuing again at the other enterence.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day! I loved the Little Tikes car! I can't believe we missed the Bear Grylls experience, my children would have loved it!

  3. It looks like you had a great day, and like us were competition winners. Like you I've looked at lollibop the past couple of years and its always been out of our price range too.

  4. meant to say I've popped over from the lollibop linky x

  5. I'm so glad you had a lovely day. Lollibop is the best family fun festival. ;) I love horrible histories too.


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