Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Day Out With Big Bus LDN

A few days ago we finally used some tickets we had for Big Bus London,  we do like doing a bus ride in london and we had a day set out just to do one of the routes, the whole way round. We took the train to St Pancras and we were really pleased to discover the Big Bus company run a bus from Kings Cross/
St Pancras to Covent Garden.
This is the green line and you just buy your ticket from the sales person at the bus stop and hop on the bus, grabbing your earphones as you find your seat. When you get to Covent Garden you can change bus and take the Blue route which is a slightly longer route and goes round by kensington, this bus has a recorded guide in 10 different languages. Or there is a red route with a live guide, We were only going as far as The Tower of London, so we hopped on a blue route bus.

We travelled over Tower Bridge, something that excited kimmy so much as she had never driven over the bridge. Once we arrived at The Tower Of London, we went to see the poppies around the Tower, they are so beautiful and we then took a walk down to the pier to board a free river cruise  (included in your ticket).

The boat was an open top boat too, so we were able to make the most of the lovely autumnal weather. Your ticket is for one way only, so you will disembark at westminster pier, where you have a choice of two bus stops to get back onto the route again.

We hopped on a red route as we wanted the live guide, and when you have a small child like i have, you will find that they get bored having to listen to the commentary through the earphones. The real guides give you extra information too and they throw in the odd joke too.

We really enjoyed our our trip to London on the Big Bus and it seems like everytime we go, there is something new to do, see or learn! Also we see things at a different angle when we go round London on the bus, We have all seen photos of the London Eye from the Thames, but if you go behind the London Eye, at an angle you get a great view of Big Ben in front of it too, its amazing to see. The guides are very knowledgeable and very helpful. 

Like i said we took the red route, and it took us 3 and half hours to do, with the boat trip too. But if you want to take the blue route, you will find yourself driving through Kensington, Baker Street and Notting Hill. There is also a purple route that will connect you between hotels. So they basically have all the problems sorted for you! 

Your ticket lasts you for 23 hours, so if you buy your ticket at 2pm, then you can do a tour in the afternoon (make sure your aware what time the last bus is) and then in the morning you can pop back and do a different route. A 24 hour ticket costs only £24 if it is bought online here and £12 for children. If you buy a ticket on the day, please be aware it will cost you more as these prices include the internet discount. 

We had a lovely time on our day out and it was so nice that we could get the bus from the train station as it meant we saved a bit of money by not having to get the tube to the city centre. We will be returning again for another trip and hopefully we will be complete the blue route too. If the weather is bad and it is unfortunately raining on the day you visit, don't worry as they supply rain poncho's.

Big Bus London also do some walking tours for you to take part in, you can choose between

The Royal London Walk - 10.20am
Learn about the history of St James’ Palace and Buckingham Palace, putting you in a prime position for the Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

The Harry Potter Film Locations Walk - 2pm
This walk reveals seven London locations which have featured in the Harry Potter Films.

The Ghosts by Gaslight Walk- 6pm
Discover London’s darker history with tales of ghosts, murder and the troubled times that litter London’s past.

The walking tours last approximately 1½ - 2 hours and leave from Trafalgar Square; Big Bus stop 10.

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