Friday, 12 September 2014

A Fab Afternoon In London For Free

Once You get to London on a day out, You can buy a One Day travelcard for Zones 1-6 then the world is your oyster! You can use a travel card on the tube, trains and buses but you also get discounts on the boats and Emirates Air Line.

We took the tube to Bank and had a walk in the City area of London, before going to St Pauls. Tilly has seen St Pauls Cathedral so many times on Mary Poppins and she loves the part where the old lady feeds the birds, so she wanted to sing feed the birds on the steps of St Pauls. She looked so cute!

There were also a few weddings happening in the local area and Tilly was in awe of all the brides in their beautiful dresses, one in particular was the most gorgeous dress and Tilly asked if she could have her photo taken with the couple and the groom picked her up whilst they posed for the official photographer, it was so cute that somebody was willing to share their special day with a little girl.
We visited the firefighters monument, sometimes you go to London and you look at the monuments but we never really know the history behind them. This monument is particularly special to us as  a family because The monument is to remember the firefighters killed whilst at work. My Grandad was a Firefighter in Edinburgh, He was killed tragically during a shift at work one day and his name is on the monument too.
There were the buskers, where Tilly danced whilst they sang and the fluffy animal that walked around London for fun! we walked over the Millenium bridge and down by the Tate modern and Shakespeare's Globe

All over London, you will find benches in the shapes of books, they are fun and Tilly enjoys looking for them. It brightens up the area and each book is different.

This next free thing we did was a sneaky little freebie as we wouldnt of done it if we hadnt been given a ticket from a lovely american tourist. Whenever we are finished on the tube we usually give out tube ticket to someone else looking to buy a ticket, after all if we have finished with a travel card - someone else might as well use it too. So it makes it really nice that someone gave us a ticket to do something too. We took the Thames clipper down to Tower of London. Where we saw Tower Bridge open, something we have never seen before and we also went to look at the poppies at the Tower Of London. I  have seen many pictures of the poppies but its breaktaking to actually see them!

To finish the day off we took a bus ride back to Kings Cross, I always like to take the bus because you see more of london than you would on the tube - but it takes soooooo long haha

There are plenty of places you can go for free, If your in the St Pauls area of London in the week then you can also go to the Bank Of England. It is free and very very interesting!

Why not try it? Have you been to any free places in London.


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