Thursday, 25 September 2014

All My Babies Under One Roof :)

Last night for the first time in what seems forever, I had all my children under one roof. Its hard when they mive out as you never seem to see each other together. But last night Bethy stayed as its her birthday today and Zach returned home from Norway where he has been working for 6 months. Well i say he returned home - but it was all in the balance really as he was supposed to leave Oslo Torp at 5pm (norwegian time) and be home by 10pm (uk time). But his plane was delayed twice! He was waiting in the airport for over 7 hours before he finally set foot on the plane

He was freezing cold but he had WIFI and somewhere to charge his phone - what else could a person need? haha. But they did also give him 2 vouchers to get drinks at the airport. They were the equivalent of £3.50 each, and if you have ever been to Scandinavia you will know that £3.50 wont go far! but it was a nice gesture and at least he could get a hot drink.

Then he faced the problem that he had no english cash and we were frantically trying to find out if there was a 24 hour money exchange place at the airport, but have you tried trying to find a phone number for them? all i kept getting was ….. please email us for enquiries !!! Really!!

But we found a 24 hour money exchange and then we knew he could get a train home ….. until his plane was so delayed that he wouldn't arrive into Stansted until midnight and he then faced spending the night at stansted airport- although we have actually slept at the airport before, we have done it as a family and i wouldnt of wished it upon anyone to spend a night alone in the cold airport.

Thank god though for WIFI and facebook, we were able to keep in touch until he got on the plane. Finally at 2.30am after managing to get a lift from the airport he wondered through the door ....... and tried to wake Tilly up hahaha. 

So Zachy is home and staying for the winter, I love having my family around :) <3 <3 <3 <3

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