Saturday, 20 September 2014

#followthefrog With The Rainforest Alliance - Please Share To Promote Awareness

I didnt really know much about the Rainforest Alliance until i was asked to go to one of their blogger Events
that took place in Hej Coffee shop in Bermondsey, London. But to say my eyes have been opened is an understatement!

And i have now chosen to work voluntarily with them using the power of blogging to help that I spread the world about them. Over the next ten months they will be running a #followthefrog campaign to make people aware of the Green Frog Seal.

We sit in our cozy homes, with our cosy surroundings and our stable retail job, office jobs or manual jobs. We work 9-5 and buy our shopping from the local supermarket, but do we ever actually look at what we are buying? Do we think about what has gone into the production of our products and more importantly do we think about the welfare of the farmers and their families in the rainforests?

1.6 Billion people depend on forests for their livelihoods worldwide and 28% of the global population is employed by agriculture.
The Rainforest alliance are working very closely with the farmers of the developing countries to help them follow the criteria to enable them to earn the Green Frog Seal. So what does the Green Frog Seal mean to the different sectors of the ‘food’ chain? How will it benefit me as a consumer?

Firstly we have the farmers,
  • They will enter the fast growing market for certified products and these products sell to the businesses
    for more money than products that don't have the Green Frog Seal.
  • They will often improve the quality and quantity of their crops, the Rainforest Alliance are helping with this by educating the farmers.
  • They will minimise their exposure to agrochemicals.
  • They will learn sustainable farming practices that are suited to their local environment, conditions and traditions.
The businesses
  • They will gain access to long term supply of high quality farm products.

  • Inspire consumer confidence - the customer knows what they want to buy
  • They know that their product is promoting decent, safe and healthy working conditions, working towards the long term success of individual farms.
The consumers,
  • When you buy a product you are supporting sustainability through everyday purchases
  • You connect with the farmers who grew the food
  • You will be able to trust that Your purchases meet independant, third party standards of sustainability.
  • Last;y you will be able to enjoy great tasting, high quality products that are grown with care
So to me this whole Green Fog seal, seems like a win / win situation for all involved along the process.

But where can i buy Rainforest Certified products?

Well thats the easy part as a consumer! you can find the products alongside your normal foods on the shelves of your supermarket, You will find the seal on tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit, flowers, ice cream, juices ……. the list is endless. You will also find it in restaurants/cafes like Hej In Bermondsey, Rainforest Alliance teas and coffees are served aboard some airlines. But next time you do your supermarket shop, look out for the Green Frog.

So how can I help the rainforest Alliance?

Over the next 10 months they are working with The Guardian Newspaper to bring awareness to us and everytime you buy a product with the Rainforest certification, you are helping the farmers to build a better future for them.

Follow #followthefrog on Twitter
Follow the Rainforest Alliance on Facebook and Twitter
And the Rainforest Alliance can be found at

Also follow me over the next 10 months as i bring you news and updates of the work they are doing.

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