Monday, 8 September 2014

Fun With Food - Healthy Lunches and Snacks with Actimel

On saturday we spent the afternoon with Food artist Mark Northeast who has written some recipe books aimed at children. The books called Funky Lunches show you how to make sandwiches more interesting.
The afternoon was put together with Actimel, who have recently launched their new range of Yoghurt drinks. Again these are aimed at children and i can tell you now, they have got it so right! The yoghurt drinks come in packs of six for £2.29 (RRP). They are ideal for school lunch boxes and the 100g bottles of Actimel for kids is packed full of yummy yoghurt, billions of L.casei live cultures, fruit puree and essential nutrients like calcium and
Vitamin D.

Tilly doesnt drink much milk but i buy 6 yoghurts a day and she
will eat them all so i have no worries about the calcium intake. When she first saw the Actimel For Kids Yoghurts, she fell in love with the packaging as it is different to any joghurt she has had before. You see Actimel For Kids introduce us to space heroes called AC, TI and MEL. Two boys and a girl who are ready to go off to space. With the bottles, kids can discover inter-galactic worlds and join AC, TI and Mel on their space adventures.

Mark showed us how to make some snacks interesting for kids, and Tilly loved it! She designed her snacks
herself and was so proud of her creations.

To make these scrummy Cheese biscuit spaceships follow these steps, you and your child will have as much fun as we had!

Firstly get your biscuit and cut a circle of cheese, out of your slice of cheese. Pop it into the centre of the biscuit. Take a cherry tomato and slice a little bit off the bottom so that the tomato lays flat and doesnt wobble. Place the tomato on the cheese, so it should look like this.

Next decorate the outside of the cheese biscuit with what ever you have available, you can use more cheese, or you can use something like grapes or olives (slice them thinly)

After this you need to slice a chunk of cucumber and and then cut it into thirds, like the picture. Then take each slice and cut a straight piece along the bottom. it needs to be able to stand up on the surface, these become the rocket blasters

Here is Tilly decorating her space ships, you then lift the biscuit up and you carefully stand the cucumber up and place the biscuit on the top.

Tilly and i had an absolutely lovely day and now has asked me to make some healthy snacks like this at home! Guess i am going to be busy. Thanks to Actimel For Kids and Mark Northeast for a great day out and learning some great ideas for fun lunches. Actimel For Kids is available in most supermarkets, look out for them as i am sure your kids will love them as much as Tilly did.

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