Monday, 15 September 2014

How to Wrap Gifts Creatively

It so easy for us to go to the shop and pick up 3 sheets of wrapping paper for £1, but lets face it, its rubbish and rips as your wrapping the gifts. What is the use of wrapping an expensive gift in cheap wrapping paper?

Why not get all your craft bits out on the table and some sheets of brown paper, let your imagination and your kids imagination run wild.

Hobbycraft sell Brown Craft Paper and it comes in a 8m roll, so it often works out cheaper than cheap wrapping paper.

Get your creative juices flowing, gather your little bits and bobs, your little pom poms, your stickers, your stamps and your ribbons. Look at how good the gifts can look when they are finished. 

pop over to HobbyCraft and get all your embellishments and decorations, have a make your own christmas this year and add the personal touch to your gifts.

Here is my first christmas gift - all wrapped and ready to go! 

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