Saturday, 27 September 2014

Making a Marzipan Ladybug

I was always so envious of people that were able to make marzipan things to decorate cakes, i thought it was something I could never do ..... until I was taught in a masterclass at The Handmade Fair.

Take some marzipan and add a bit of red colour to it (this is the messy bit!), Roll it into a ball, blending the colour in. Then separate the red ball into 2 balls, which you then roll into sausage shapes

Flatten the sausage a little and then with a cocktail stick, make a line lengthways down the sausage. Use some black food colouring to pop some spots on your lady bug, remember they need to be symmetrical. Use the black food colouring to paint the front of your ladybug, this will be its face.

To finish off take some marzipan and roll two tiny balls, flatten then to make 2 eyes. Then stick them on the face, marking the centre of the eyes

So you can see its so simple, even a beginner can make them

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