Thursday, 18 September 2014

Making Sandwiches Fun With Actimel

Here is another post on the great creations we made at the Actimel Event we attended to promote the Actimel For Kids drinkable yogurts. They have teamed up with Mark Northeast to create healthy sandwiches and snacks.

Each 100g bottle of Actimel for kids is packed full of yummy yogurt, billions of L.casei live cultures, fruit puree and essential nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D. They are in fun bottles in the shape of space heroes and they are perfect for parents to get essential nutrients into your little cherubs. You can buy them from Supermarkets in packs of 6 for £2.29 (RRP)

Tilly does like a picnic, but towards the end of the nursery year, she told me she was bored with sandwiches and that she wanted something different. Mark Northeast is a food artist and he puts together some exciting sandwiches for kids. He showed us how to make Monster sandwiches.

Here is Tilly and the ingredients

Buttering the bread

 Adding the sandwich filling of cheese, apple and spring onion

 We used a shape cutter to cut out some eyes, then we cut some grapes in half to go in the centre of the eyes

Tilly wanted a nose and a round scary mouth, so we cut them out

 We took some cucumber skin that we had sliced off our cucumber and placed it under the hole of the mouth. This gave it a dark look, like you would see inside a monsters mouth. We cut some sharp teeth from cheese

We made horns from carrots and ears from cucumbers to finish off the look

Tilly now wants exciting sandwiches everyday! this is the start of something new i think. Here are some simple sandwiches we made at home :)

Some plain cheese sandwiches simply cut into shapes, making eating them more fun. When the older children were little i actually used to do this all the time. Always a winner for kids parties

Tilly wanted to make Kimmy, her 22 year old sister a caterpillar sandwich. we have seen one similar in the Funky Lunch book, that i really need to buy! 

Actimel For Kids are 3 space heroes called AC, TI, MEL - look for them landing their space ship in your kitchen soon. Available in 3 flavours strawberry, vanilla and raspberry. To say Tilly likes them is an understatement. She loves them!

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