Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mummy, What Will Happen To Me If You Die?

'Mummy, what will happen to me if you die?' Was the question that came from my 4 and half year old mouth on Sunday night! So i simply replied that she has some older brothers and sisters that would give up everything for her and look after her as she will never be alone.
They will all become her mummy and daddies. My older children are 22,20 and 19. So since i had Tilly it has always been organised that Kimmy will look after her in the unfortunate incident of my death, obviously having had Tilly when i was older i appreciate that i wont be around as long as i will be with the older ones.

Then Tilly asked 'What will happen if you die, Kimmy, Zach and Bethy die? then where will i go?' This had me stumped as I have never ever thought of Tilly being alone in the world and having no parent or sibling to look after her and also made me think that i needed to get something in place to make her future secure and ensure her father doesn't take her on.

I asked tilly what she would like to do if that happened to her, as she has lots of family to look after her and she will never be alone in the world, they would love her and look after her. They would make sure she never went without. Then she was worried that her family wont know that we have all died and she would have to walk to our friend, Eileen's house to let her know and then Eileen can take her to her family. I told her not to worry about it, but she was insistent that she had a plan put in place. So in the event that her family is wiped out in one go (probability of this is about million to one probably as we are all rarely together) then she will walk to Eileens house and tell her, because she knows the way, Eileen will then drive her to her family, who will make her a cup of tea for all her hard work!

Its sad that little ones have to think about this and worry about it to the point that she has to put plans in place. Is it a thing she has picked up in school? have they been talking? has she had a dream about it? I have no idea! but the reality of it is that i need to get something in place for her future - just in case!

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