Saturday, 6 September 2014

New Magic Wire From Triumph

How often do you get measured for a new bra? every couple of years? Did you know that 76% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? You see our bodies continually change and there fore a bra we bought last year could be no good for us.The people at Triumph are on a mission to help 100,000
women find their perfect fit. So if you pop into your nearest Triumph Stockist, they will be more than welcome to measure you up. It really is painless and its free. At a recent Triunph Event I was measured up and i have the massive bust (48G) but i was so pleased to find out i had the correct size bra and it wasnt digging in. When you have a larger bust like me, you tend to have to get bra's with wire in them and you find the wire usually digs in and bends out of shape, making the bra uncomfortable. Triumph have now designed a new concept in underwear and would like to introduce you to Magic Wire.

Body Make-Up Magic Wire
Photo By Tracy Dunn
This new everyday series combines the latest underwire technology with fashionable design and the second-skin comfort you’ve come to expect from Body Make-Up. Experience the ultimate fit thanks to the new Magic Wire. I have held this little piece of Silicone in my hand and it is so much more comfortable than a bra wire and once it is placed inside the bra, it is much less noticable than a bra wire. The Bras themselves are the most beautiful and feminine shape wear available today –featuring the ultimate in comfort innovation: the soft yet firm Magic Wire. Glamorous designs are crafted with luxurious lightweight lace, scallop-shaped engineered edges and pretty bow details. Available up to F-cup (which is great because quite often if your a big busted lady, you miss out on innovations like this because they never go up to a large cupsize). The bras are soft to feel and they are completely flat to wear and you wouldnt notice it underneath a t-shirt or tight fitting clothes.

The silicone lasts 100 washes and i know that quite often the wire in my own bra doesn't last that long before it snaps or sticks through the fabric. Where wire is quite sharp and pointy on the end, the silicone is moulded round and there is no way its sharp enough to poke through the fabric of the bra.

The bra's themselves are beautiful and there is a nice range with matching knickers too. you have the Body Make-up Bra with its invisibly integrated silicone wire in the moulded cups that will support the contours of your bust like a wired bra and creates a perfect cleavage without pinching or constricting. Soft lining, smooth side panels and the ultra-soft hook-and-eye closure ensure a sensational second skin feeling. The blue picture at the top of the page is from the Body make-up Range along with this picture

The bra's are available in store or online now and the prices range from £34-£36 for a magic wire bra, and believe me - once you see one and try it on, you will never look back.

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