Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Handmade Fair, We cant wait to go!

Have you ever thought about taking up a new hobby or trying your hand at making a craft? Christmas is round the corner and handmade gifts make such wonderful gifts for you friends and families. I love trying new hobbies out and this christmas we are going to try and have a 'crafty' christmas with handmade decorations and wrapping paper.
So if your looking for some inspiration or your looking to try a new craft, why not get yourself down to Hampton Court Palace on the 19th - 21st September for The Handmade Fair, the first all making craft fair, with Kirstie Allsopp and many other crafters she has had the chance to work with over the years.

For £29 you get a Full Experience as the ticket include:

- A Super Theatre session of your choice
- A Skill Workshop of your choice
- A Grand Make of your choice
All sessions are selected at time of booking.

In The Super Theatre session you can Watch Paul A. Young, a master chocolatier show Kirstie how to make delicious Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Truffles or you could chose to  watch World renowned Interior Designer Sue Timney on stage with Kirstie to show you how to use pattern and be bold with colour in your home.

In the Skills workshops, you can learn and have a go at piping and icing cup cakes or you may like to watch and make your own personalised Christmas crackers for all the family ready for your Christmas Dinner.

Then lastly you can join fellow crafters and enthusiasts in Grand makes to learn a new skill in minutes, these Origami floristry where you will learn to make an origami tulip, #worldpomination where you will learn the art of making pompoms and Gift wrapping where you will learn how to make your gifts look great with a little bit of wrap.
crafts will look fabulous in your home and will take minutes to create. You have the choice of 3 grand makes, these are

You can buy your tickets for only £29.00. You would pay a lot more if you paid for a one day class in one of the crafts you will learn about at he handmade fair. So it works out to be such great value for money!

Not only do you get the chance to participate in the Skills workshop, Grand makes and Theatre, but there is also so much more to do on the day, including stall holders, so you can stock up on your crafting goodies and Janome Sewing machines will be there to show you how to do the basics from threading your machine to making a scarf. It is free to attend one of these masterclasses but it is strictly first come, first served. Etsy Business School are there to show you how to make a craft into a business and there is a The Prima make and take Theatre, where you get to make an item to take home, although this carries a cost of £10, to cover materials. But it is selling out fast so please book your place soon.

This is bought to you with Kirstie Allsopp and Hobbycraft, Kirstie will be at the Handmade Fair All weekend. So what are you waiting for? pop over and grab your tickets now before they sell out

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