Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tilly - A Day In Selfies

When i got the kindle, tilly loved it as she could use the camera on it to take selfies of herself - she seems to be the queen of selfies. I know that not everyone loves selfies, and sometime i hear people commenting that they cant bear seeing peoples selfies on social networks, but sadly mine is full of selfies of Miss Tilly.

So on saturday she decided to record her day in selfies.

 With Her Cousin

 With Another Cousin

 Just Getting On The Train

On The Train Together

 Waterloo Station

 Just Got Off The Train

 Waterloo And City Line

Waiting For The Tube Train

On The Tube

 Selfie With Mummy


 Pretending To Be Sad


Not Sure What This One Is!

 With The Actimel Charactors

 On A Red London Bus

I Had To Take This So She Could Fit The Train In The Pucture, But Its On The Way Home :)

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