Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tilly Goes To Butlins

We have waited all year for this weekend, and finally its here. On Friday we got up at some obscene hour of the morning to get a really early train and we were soon on our 4 hour trip via Brighton. I hadnt actually slept the night before because i had to get up at 3am, so basically whats the use of going to bed? haha.
it was such hard work Getting up early and as i was dozing on the train, tilly woke me up to tell me the sky was on fire, the excitement in her voice cannot be described! When i looked up she was actually looking at the sunrise and she loved watching the sun go higher in the sky. Such an amazing and beautiful sight for a little girl to see.

We soon got to Bognor and the getting up early was well worth it, we arrived at Butlins by 10.30 (having got there by the sea front train - we are such big kids haha). We checked into our chalet and it was quite minging! i know its the end of season but the carpet was stained and the bathroom was in major need of revamping. There really is no excuse for this and if we had complained they wouldnt of been able to get a different adapted chalet for us and we had already been upgraded from budget, due to a booking mistake they made. So we just coped with it, If we had been staying for longer we probably would of complained - but why spoil our holiday?

Tilly had a busy none stop weekend and we saw so many shows, she fell in love with all the red coats and was a spoiled little girl the whole weekend. Staying up till gone midnight and gettiing up early the next day to do all the shows and activities.

She even joined in with tots soccer, sometimes i wonder where my little princess has gone when she wants to play football and asked me if she could go rock climbing and on the aerial slide. I had to explain to my upset little girl that she was still to little to do the exteme sports, she was even to young to do the bungee i think but she got on it as she was so confident, she didnt seem to jump that high, but when i look back at the video i realise how high she jumped. The only thing she didnt like was the World Of Wonders, it was recommended for kids over 8, but i kinda thought to myself that she was a tough cookie and has always gone to the London Dungeons and London Bridge experience. But at the end, the show put you in a state of panic and confusion as a zombie type character comes out into the audience. Tilly was hysterical and spent the whole afternoon and evening asking if the zombie was going to get her. She does understand that these are people dressed up and we told her that aunty Pat had spoken to the Zombie and he took his costume off and he was a sexy man really. (a little white lie never harms anyone!). She wanted to close the bedroom door before we went to sleep last night, to stop the zombie getting us - I didnt have the heart to tell her that a closed door wouldnt stop a zombie haha.

She was so excited to have her name called out to get an award for playing soccer, she had to go on stage and collect it. She had a bit of a crush on the coach i think! we had a good little weekend away and as we left, we got caught in the crossover to Tots week and they had transformed a go kart track to little tykes town, which she loved - i have never seen so many little tykes toys in one place.

All too soon it was time for the long long journey home and to say it was hard work with a bored 4 year old is an understatement, it was a relief to see her fall asleep on the last train. We were going to book for next year but it will cost £100 more so we decided against it - i can take her away abroard for less money! but if the chance comes up for us to book a sun holiday to butlins, we may well book a cheeky little trip.

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