Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tillys first full day at school

Yesterday was the first day that Tilly was staying for school dinners and then the afternoon. When the older kids were little, they would stagger the school times so if your child was a summer baby, they would do afternoons. then after a few weeks they would swap to mornings only, then by november they were in full time!
this was so tedious so it is a relief that the little ones start at Tillys school and they do two mornings and then straight into full day. I find that its easier for the children to settle in and get into a routine.

She is coming home with a new school book everyday that we sit and read her and she gets certificates for little achievements. Todays book choice though makes me wonder what she thinks of me. She chose to bring home ‘Naughty Parents’ By Joy gosney so we shall have fun reading it.

So anyway, i collect her from school with Beth and Kimmy and she is full of beans (i thought she would be tired), she told me her school dinners were yummy (not sure if i believe it), apparently she ate all her dinner (it was casserole! i know she wont eat that at home!)! So as i wasnt sure if Little Miss Tilly was telling the truth, i actually found myself phoning the school for reassurance. I am sure they thought ‘’over anxious new mummy phoning up’’ but they were lovely and said that many kids eat the school dinners that they wouldnt eat at home! little buggers haha

Was she tired and needing mummy like i thought? Was she heck! she was off on her scooter, full of the joys of spring. She has made 3 new friends and just cant remember their names. But my little girl isnt so little anymore, she is growing up before me and she fills me with such pride. But lets see if she is still keen after she has done a week worth of full days!

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