Friday, 19 September 2014

Vamousse Those Headlice Away

So today I am approaching the not so glam side of parenting and quite often to some parents its embarrassing. We have the parents that admit quite openly that their kids get nits and we have the parents that swear that their kids have never as much had head lice! well good luck to them i say, after 22 years as a parent I am one of the parents that will admit my child has nits as its not fair on other children who could catch them from my child!

Over the years i have tried all sorts of different remedies as well as the shop bought lotions and shampoos, although some of the home made remedies of vinegar do work and keep them at bay for a while, its a nightmare with tilly as she has to have her hair rinsed out a few times and she hates having her hair washed.

I have tried all the shop bought brands and they work ok, but i find they stink and they leave your hair feeling greasy. So as tilly was starting school, i would try the new Vamousse mousse, that was launched in the uk over the summer.
The fact it was a mousse really appealed to me as lotions can drip into kids eyes.

Low and behold within a week of being at school, she had Head lice! it had been so nice over the summer when she was off for a few weeks and we seemed to have a reprieve from them. So i sat her down, Sectioned her hair and applied the mousse, it was so easy and tidy to do.

We combed through in the sections with the red nit comb too. This comb has long teeth which i love in a nit come as it gets through the thickest of hair. We worked each section with the mousse and left her hair for the 15 minutes time. Combing through quite regularly, to remove any lice or eggs. The best things about the mouse is that it doesn't smell nasty! there is no greasy look and when we washed it out using vamousse head lice shampoo, we only needed to wash it once. This really relieved the stress of hair washing a bit.

When you have treated your child for head lice, you need to treat the rest of the family too, One 160ml canister of Vamousse Head Lice Treatment is one single application for one person. We would not advocate using left over mousse for treatment at a later time once the canister has been opened.

After treating, it is a good idea to comb hair through every day with the nit comb as any missed head lice will hatch on day 3, 7 and 10. If you need to, simply treat again after a few days. If you have the shampoo, you can use it whenever you wash your childs hair.

You can find Vamousse on Facebook and Twitter as well as on their own website . There is also a great App to pop onto your phone or Tablet to keep the kids occupied whilst they have their hair treated its available here for iphone

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