Wednesday, 10 September 2014

W7 Cosmic Dust - Glam Your Nails Up!

When i was at college last year, i loved doing the nails - so much so that i went on to do the nail extensions course, I do like to keep my nails painted as i feel it gives a more professional look to my hands when i am selling fragrance at work.

So when i was asked by W7 to try out some nail polish and cosmic dust, i kinda jumped at the chance. So i was like a school girl when the package arrived with the nail polish and cosmic dust! But i must admit i was slightly disappointed to receive a colour i never would of chosen had i bought it as it was Fluorescent pink and i thought that as a 40 something mother of four, i wouldnt be able to wear it. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The colour goes on easily and it dries pretty fast too, so your able to do a couple of layers in no time at all. The brush is great as it fans out alot, meaning more of the nail is covered in a single stroke. There is nothing worse than a tiny brush in a pot of nail polish. The colour is really nice and shiny, giving you an almost gel paint appearance.

The Cosmic nail dust is in baby pink and is £3.95, i like the fact its in a bottle with a small tip and this seemed to make it easy to apply to the nails as you could direct it in a certain area or direction. It is available in 19 other shades so you have a wide range of colours to choose from.

Firstly i applied the Pink polish to my nails and then added the cosmic nail dust, unfortunately when i did a pattern on the nails it was difficult to see, so next i used a different colour nail polish and had the contrasting colour glitter dust, which i feel emphasised the cosmic dust even more.
The pink Cosmic Dust on Pink Nails looks lovely in reality, but for picture benefits, it didnt really show up
If you use a stencil you can use the Cosmic Dust to create allsorts of pretty shapes, here we used a heart stencil for cute nails
Here i covered some nails completely with the Cosmic Dust and some nails i just covered the tip
Here i experimented by just creating a cross on my thumb nail. But you can create any pattern on your nails

So how do you use the Cosmic Dust? 

Well its really simple, coat your nails with two coats of polish and when its dry, add some more paint to the nail, in the pattern you want the cosmic dust to go in, The cross was easy. Then you remove the rubber lid from the Cosmic Dust and tip the bottle up side down, shaking as you go. make sure you cover with enough Dust. use a top coat for the best end result and long lasting nails

 #TOPTIP apply the glitter over a sheet of paper, this catches the excess Cosmic Dust and when you need to add Dust to another nail, simply tip it from the paper. This cuts down on a lot of wastage.

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