Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Who Has The Right To Make A Decision About Your Child?

You have to ask yourself this .....The little Miss that lives in my house, is she mine? does she belong to me?She costs me a fortune, i clothe and feed her, i make sure she eats and drinks and i watch the same Disney movie over and over again with her untill we know it word for word.
Sometimes i am up all night when she has an asthma attack and I have a birth certificate for her, declaring i am her parent and i own her, I can also be fined and sent to prison if I dont provide her with an education or take her on holiday in term time. I love her more than anything in the world and i know what is best for her but what if I was to do something that i know is in her best interest and goes against someone who has known her for a hypothetical 5 minutes doesn't agree with that decision, I can be accused of kidnapping her?? Can you steal something that belongs to you?? What would be the point??And if she don't belong to me, why is she living in my house, part of my family eating my chocolate?? who do our children really belong to?? 

With the Recent Ashya King story being quite high profile, i am disappointed and disgusted with the way the authorities have hunted the King family down like a pack of animals. They have seeked to make Ashya a ward of court and the Hospital Trust in Southampton LIED about the feeding machine failing and Ashya'a parents putting him at risk. The truth of the matter is that this family were doing their best to seek medical help for their terminally ill son and the Hospital in southampton wouldnt agree with the treatment they seeked. 

So when the family started their trip to go abroad and get this much needed help, the hospital called the police and said the family had put their son in danger, and an international arrest warrant was issued for the parents. They were arrested and Ashya was placed in a hospital 300km away, with out anyone being allowed to see him, even his own siblings. 

So it does make me question - why were they arrested for kidnapping when it is their own child? they were told they could leave the hospital. What gives someone the right to determine you have kidnapped your child? and what gives someone the right to say your child cant have medical treatment when you have spent hours researching ALL possible treatments available! 

The press were quick enough to write about a child being snatched from the hospital, without getting the true story. The police acted without evidence and without reason for arrest, The council had no reason to make Ashya a ward of court and the hospital had absolutley NO REASON for the lies and the response they acted with. Without the lies from the hospital this child could be receiving the treatment that he needs right now - instead its been stalled and a child has been left alone in a foreign hospital for 4 days! So i ask you who is responsible for child neglect and abandonment? it certainly isnt the family!!!

I have spent many hours watching this unfold on tv and it really touched my heart - afterall this little boy is only a few months older than my little pumpkin and if it was my child in this position, would i do the same thing? yes i would. I hope many more parents question the treatment their children are getting and make sure the NHS are doing their best for their child. I feel a public enquiry coming on here and i hope the family sue the hospital.

To donate to the Ashya king fund as i have please go to this Facebook page and you can also keep up to date with the news directly from the family

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