Friday, 10 October 2014

9 Years Anniversary At Superdrug

Wow 9 years yesterday since I started working for Superdrug, I cant believe that this has been the longest job I have ever had (apart from the obvious job of being a mummy).

When I think how much has changed in the past 9 years its actually scary. When i went to work for superdrug, I was desperate for a job, The only income I had coming in was CSA of £125 a week and i wasn't entitled to any Income support because because i  got £5 too much CSA a week. I wasn't entitled for any help with rent and school dinners as i never got income support. It was a desperate time and someone gave me a chance of a job.

I started working for Superdrug in a smallish town store and The moment I went to work there I loved it! I had relatively young children (they were 12, 10 and 9) and it was a struggle working the shifts and having to find after school care and holiday cover. But Superdrug are a family friendly company and always have been. There were times when Beth was little and I couldn't get anyone to have her so she would come to work with me and sit in a corner whilst we worked the Promo night. Obviously things got easier as the kids got older and they were able to be left on their own more and more.

Working at Superdrug and having the regular wage coming in meant i was eligible     for the correct WTC, and things were so much better off for us and within a year we were setting off to New York for a fab holiday. Such a contrast to not being able to afford anything!

I have seen a few managers come and go and each one of them I have got on with, so I have been lucky with that, and when I had Tilly and I was ill, superdrug were great and my Line manager was amazing, she helped me through it and she never let me quit - even when I went to her and told her the extent of my mental health problems, she simply told me that if i give up work i would regret it and she suggested dropping from 16 hours a week to 4 hours a week. I did this and stuck like that for 2 years before i needed something more. Thats how i ended up working away from home - I applied for a job out of town, i wanted to get on to the fragrance counter again, something I had done before I had Tilly. I needed my enthusiasm and sparkle back and I knew I had to move forward.

So here I am now, I travel an hour and 15 mins to work 4 times a week, and I love it. I always said I would give 10 years service to Superdrug, before looking for something new to do. But in reality once you start working for Superdrug, people rarely leave. Most of the staff are long service employees and it seems to be the youngsters that come and go, they start there at 16 and then move on to uni and get proper jobs. Its always nice to see them move on to new horizons.

Juggling work with Tilly is a lot harder than it was to juggle work with 3 youngsters, I dont know why! maybe its because I am older, maybe because i work out of town or maybe simply because i have never had to go to work like this with a baby - Who knows. All I know is that I have a great job, great employers and I think i can see myself working there until I retire. There are not many companies that look after you like Superdrug do. Bring on the next 9 years :)

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