Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Day In Hastings Old Town With Tilly

Oh Man my blog has been neglected for a good few days now! But life just kinda got in the way of writing and then there was a trip to a minging caravan in Hastings that was at the back of beyond with no internet connection unless you sit in the pub (something that you dont want to do when your on holiday with your child, as they get bored stuck in a pub).
Anyway Tilly and I had a lovely weekend away and being without internet was probably actually a really good thing as she had my undivided attention.

On Saturday we went into Hastings and we went to the old town, Money was short but i was determined to give Tills a great day out. so off we went on the bus to the old town and we popped into a chippie for some good old seaside chips - i know we live on the seafront in Kent but its always different when you go to a different town.

One of tillys dreams is to climb a seafront cliff and she has been on about it for a couple of years, so on the agenda was a trip up one of the cliffs in hastings. There is a cliff train to take you up and down, so no climbing involved but she got the experience of being at the top of the cliff.

As we came down from the cliff we found the Fishermans Museum, which was free and you got to climb on to a fishing boat inside. Then just a short walk around the corner was the shipwreck museum where she made me sit and watch videos of shipwrecks! she was really into the museums and they really caught her attention - even better that both were free.

We then went to the little seaside train line and took the train down the seafront. It cost us £2 each and was well worth the money. it has a proper little train track and junctions too.

At the end (or start, whichever way you look at it) there is a fair, When we go to the fair, i dread how much its going to cost, but the rides cost £1 a go, maybe a little bit more for the bigger rides, But tilly has a Fivers worth of tokens and was able to go on a small ride, the ghost train with me and have a go on hook a duck. Its so refreshing to go to an affordable fair ground

Then in the middle of the seafront, we stumbled upon a Dr Who style TARDIS. Tilly was so excited, she gasped 'OMG OMG, Kim is going to go mad that she missed this!' of course we had to go and explore it. Tilly opened the door and was a bit scared to peep inside, but after a bit of coaxing, she went in and it was full of decorating stuff. But of course Tilly told her sister that she met the Doctor and a Dalek!

We had a lovely day and only for a few pounds - so you can have a great day out on a budget. Later on after we got back to the campsite, I went off to play cash bingo and won £116 - so the rest of the weekend was money worry free. 

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