Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Day Out In Sandwich: A Blog Post From Tillys Sister

Bethany is Tillys 19 year old sister, she lives away from home so it makes it even more special for Tilly when she comes back. Tilly loves it most when she is surrounded by ALL of her siblings and thats when she is her happiest. Here we have a blog post from Bethy about a day out they had together.

Recently I took Tilly into the next town to spend some quality time together, and to do some bonding. We went to the little town of Sandwich, and we went down to a river in the middle of the town. before going to the river, we had gone to the shp to buy the cheap loaf of bread, which we then fed to the ducks and other wildlife at the riverside.

 After feeding the animals, which for tilly took about 20 mins, because she kept telling the birds off if they were being too greedy, we then relocated to the park on the other side of the riverbank. we then played at the park for a while. Tilly saw the old fashioned monkey bars and fireman's pole, but was unsure as to how to approach playing on them, so i, in my long maxi dress, proceed to do the monkey bars- no problem! Then for the firemans pole, i completed that, a little less gracefully, but did complete it, which then inspired tilly to then follow me. it was such a great day of playing and bonding, and we only had tears once, on the bus back, because she noticed a cut she'd got at the park bt hadnt noticed sooner.

The day was great fun, and cost me around 50p for the bread, and nothing for the travel because i had a travel pass, but most likely would have costed around £4. For the amount of fun tilly had that day, i think around £5 is a fantastic price for a nice day out.

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